Small Bathroom Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

spacious small bathroom decor 760x304 » Small Bathroom Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

Make your small bathroom look spacious – When we have a small bathroom in our apartment, then we will get a challenge when deciding to implement decoration because of limited room that we will get. Basically it is not so because in a small bathroom we can provide the same comfort with a big bathroom. The key is how we can choose and implement the right decorative items. There are so many small bathroom ideas that we can choose to be applied in order to achieve a clutter free look, neat, and well organized.

spacious small bathroom decor » Small Bathroom Decorating Tips for Your Apartment

First, we can start by putting in refreshing shades in the small bathroom. There are some ideas that we can implement to achieve this goal is to apply the color blue with lighter shades seem to open the room becomes more spacious and airy; apply a light color on the walls and ceiling so the bathroom look more open and larger; applying soft and cool colors for the bathroom cabinet and doors in order to create a larger display in the room; and avoid dark colors or colors that are too strong in a small bathroom like yellow, orange, and red.

Second, apply lighting striking in the small bathroom. This we do in order to create the impression of a large room in a small bathroom. Do not forget to adjust the lighting in a proper way so that we can achieve the look that we want to use certain lighting.

Third, apply accessories to small bathroom. We could use a round wash-basin or corner wash-basin to make the bathroom seem more spacious and save more floor space.

Fourth, maximize space under the sink as extra storage place various bathroom items so that we do not need to apply other storage areas that will only make the bathroom look smaller and cramped.

Fifth, apply the floor with bright colors to make the bathroom look more spacious as one bathroom ideas. We can also use white tiles and white walls to add to the impression of the small bathroom. Also, do not forget to use the tiles with a half length for the small bathroom.

Sixth, apply functional doors in a small bathroom as a sliding door that will save more floor space than a conventional door.