Multifunctional Space-Saving Furniture Sets for Your Studio Apartment

creative space saving furniture 760x304 » Multifunctional Space-Saving Furniture Sets for Your Studio Apartment

As most major cities in the world started to implement compact city concept, a lot of urban residents are forced to live in smaller spaces. Studio apartment is one of the small space options in the high-density city. It is relatively affordable, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly. Besides those benefits, the clear down side when it comes to live in studio apartment is the limited furniture options in order to save space. If you are looking for furnishing ideas, below are few options of space-saving studio apartment furniture to consider.

creative space saving furniture » Multifunctional Space-Saving Furniture Sets for Your Studio Apartment

Smart Furniture to Save Your Space in Studio Apartment

  1. Coffee table with storage units

Coffee table can have double functions as storage spaces. There are lots of coffee tables with visible bottom drawers to choose. But some modern designed coffee tables really have hidden storage units like unsuspected drawers and pop-up tops. Pop-up tops are the contemporary styled tables, where you can stow away your stuffs inside the tops of coffee tables, because you can lift the top part.

  1. Closet Bed

No more ghosts under the bed, only a super tidy organized closet. Closet bed actually has drawers underneath, where you can store your wardrobe pieces. Some closet beds even have a complete built-in closet inside them, where you need to lift up your bed first to get dressed. It is a perfect piece of studio apartment furniture for you who do not have extra room for closet.

  1. Floating desk

Floating desk is one of the most favored tricks for studio apartment furniture. It is basically a desk that mounted to the wall to save space. It looks sleek, modern, and minimalist. Some floating desk style can even be folded to the wall. Floating desk adds extra work surface, and only takes small fraction of space horizontally. It can also make your space neater and less cluttered.

  1. Space divider wardrobe

If you share your studio apartment with someone, you can divide your space by using certain furniture. Tall wardrobes can be space divider, but also provide you functional storage space. Even if you live by yourself, this wardrobe can be a divider between bedroom and living room for example, because most studio apartments only have one big space for everything.

  1. Folding sofa

Folding sofa is probably the most popular multifunctional studio apartment furniture out there. It’s not even weird for people with spacious home to have them. High quality foldable sofa can transform into a nice bed with soft and thick foam mattress. It is great for watching television, reading books, or taking a quick nap.

  1. All-in-one cabinet

Your living room cabinet can have multiple functions too. It can be the stand for the television, storages, shelving, and a display case. It provides plenty of space for you to store your stuffs, while maintaining well-organized looks. It often incorporates open shelves design that will give lighter and airy feelings to the room.

Creative studio apartment furniture can help you to achieve the interior design that you want, and make the space bigger by increasing the functionality of space. Multi-functional furniture also helps you minimizing the clutters while maximizing space at the same time. Do not be afraid to experiment with your studio apartment’s color, lighting and mirror, to make it appear bigger.