Living Room Paint Color Combinations

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Choose paint color that suit your personal taste – The living room is one room that has an important role in an apartment because it is a room that allows us to gather and spend time together with family to relax to enjoy the entertainment there. In addition, living room functioned also as a place to welcome every guest who comes to the apartment. The importance of the role of the living room makes many apartment owners thought of decorating detail in order to bring a feeling of comfort and fun for anyone who spends time there. There are various things that play an important role in decorating the living room from the living room furniture to living room paint colors.

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Yup, the color is one of the important items that will give the look, feel, and atmosphere we want in the room. Before deciding to apply a specific color in the living room, there are several things that need our attention.

First, make sure the right color scheme for the living room by considering the style of decoration that we apply. When we choose to apply a modern style, then we can insert a neutral color on one wall and paint the other walls with other colors such as pastel colors to give a more attractive appearance and avoid the boring impression. If we want to apply the monochrome color then make sure we include a number of items with bold colors as accents that will make the look more charming. The color scheme will explain that we want to apply the color on the walls and other items.

living room paint color schemes » Living Room Paint Color Combinations

Second, consider choosing a color by considering the purpose of the room itself. If we aim to resell an apartment in the near future and are currently renovating the apartment in order to raise the resale value, then we can paint the living room with neutral shades like gray, off white, tan, to green. It will make the living room look bigger and spacious. To note, the color is a neutral color that does not have a heavy and intense pigments that range from white to ivory. When we get bored with neutral or pastel colors, then we can choose to apply a crimson color for the living room paint colors. It is a bright color (red) is prominent and will give the look bold, flavorful, energetic, and gives a big statement in the room. We can also choose the color of sandstone in the living room. It is a color that ranges from yellow or gold that will make the room look charming.