How to Choose and Applying Stone Wall Tiles

how to choose and applying stone wall tiles 760x304 » How to Choose and Applying Stone Wall Tiles

Natural color from stone wall tile allows it to use in any decoration theme and will enhance the beautiful look of the room. Although stone is a cheap material, it serves expensive and beautiful look for your wall. This is become great solution to decorate your wall house. It is suitable to use as the backsplash in the kitchen and in the bath or the shower walls or at the wall of any room as decorations. The can be found easily in the home center store and other store.

how to choose and applying stone wall tiles » How to Choose and Applying Stone Wall Tiles

You can choose stone tile materials and install it by yourself in simple and easy way. When you decide to use stone wall tile, you have to prepare some special tool to make the stone tile installed perfectly on the wall. You have to prepare specialty stone adhesive that make the stone grip strongly but do not stain the stone with conventional mortar. You need to purchase sealer to protect the beauty of the stone because stone having characteristic as porous materials. The installation for the different area need different treat, so you have to be careful. When it comes to install in the drywall such kitchen backsplash, the surface’s painting should be roughened by sanding in order to create bon surface for applying mortar. While, the installation in the wet area should use waterproof membrane.

When you have to cut the stone to make a measurement, you have to be careful because stone is hard material that would not easy to cut. Always use safety tools to keep you save. If you start to set and apply stone wall tile, do not apply thick mortar under stone. Then clean any excess of mortar from the joint. The last is seal the stone with stone sealer when the mortar already dry.