Apartment Bike Storage Ideas to Save Space

simple apartment bike storage design 760x304 » Apartment Bike Storage Ideas to Save Space

Bike is an eco-friendly, convenient means of transportation to get you anywhere. It is perfect to have if you lived big city where daily traffic is crazy or you don’t have garage to park your car. But living in a busy and dense metropolitan area has its own down side, especially if you only owned smaller space than you’d like. To make sure your bicycle is safely stored without losing valuable space, here are some apartment bike storage ideas to incorporate.

simple apartment bike storage design » Apartment Bike Storage Ideas to Save Space

Genius Indoor Storage Solutions for Bicycle

  1. Staircase Bike Storage

Assuming that your apartment is designed to maximize the benefit of vertical space, there must be unused space under the staircase. The bike can be hung upside down to create new element and fresh perspective to your apartment.

  1. Multiple Bikes Stand

This apartment bike storage idea will work well for you who have more than one bike. You also do not need to drill holes, a big advantage if you are not allowed and are not familiar with screw and tools. Use a simple stand and lean the bikes in vertical row.

  1. Floating Bike Shelf

Wall-mounted bike gives contemporary looks and is a minimalist solution for your space problem. You can also use it as decoration as there are so many bike-shelf styles available. It will give sleek to your interior design.

  1. Bike Valet

This apartment bike storage is pretty similar to the floating shelf, because the bike will be stored by mounting it to the wall. But instead of using shelf, it used minimalist mental hooks that come in various colors, and neoprene or leather pad choices to rest the bike.

  1. Multipurpose Shelf

Having a small space is all about incorporating smart and multi functioned furniture. Use a three-in-one shelf that can store your bike, shoes, books all at once. If you have hard time finding it in furnishing store, opt for customized shelf instead.

  1. Above Locker Bike

Having an industrial themed home? Then try to integrate this idea of apartment bike storage. The bike will make the locker and the overall interior vibes look cool and casual as treat to the eye. Plus, you would get additional free space.

  1. Unique Bike Hanger

Instead of using basic and boring hanger, personalize the storage by using unique hanger shape. For example, using wall mounted solution with heart-shaped bike hanger is really cute. There are also other hanger styles that will add airy and light, while sustaining the bike.

It’s a pity that not all homes will be spacious enough to support your interest in sport or other activities, because they do not have enough floor space. Other hobby and activity such as painting or writing might not take up much space, but bike might need more than box storage. Those apartment bike storage ideas above will eliminate the need for garage area to store your sport equipment. By using creative ways to save space, you can make it up for the lack of floor area.