Apartment Balcony Garden with Fresh and Colorful Concepts

apartment balcony garden design 760x304 » Apartment Balcony Garden with Fresh and Colorful Concepts

Having apartment balcony gives you a great space to enjoy your moment. Instead of staying inside the apartment and getting bored, it is good to get fresh air on your balcony. You can see the outside, and surely it can refresh your mind. When you want to have something better, it is time to consider apartment balcony garden. It will not be a bad idea.

The Lovely Inspiration of Apartment Balcony Garden

The balcony will save you from boredom when you want to see something better. Having small table and chairs in balcony is enough to get smart escape. However, things can be better when you can make your balcony more attractive. In this case, having balcony garden will not make you disappointed. It will give great spot, and it is always better than having only chair and table. If you need inspiration, it can give you nice detail.

apartment balcony garden design » Apartment Balcony Garden with Fresh and Colorful Concepts

  1. Green carpet

When you hear about apartment balcony garden, of course there will be some plants, pots, and flowers. These are the common things to find. However, your balcony garden inspiration can give more than just those compositions.

Even, the most important and attractive things are not in the plants, but in its carpet. The floor is not left without any treatment. It also does not use rugs that allow you to sit directly on the floor. However, the balcony has nice green carpet. It looks like having green grass on your balcony.

Of course, it is kind of artificial carpet imitating the texture of grass. Although it is artificial, it still looks great. Even, it is beyond prediction. The green color from the carpet really gives great vibe of nature on the balcony.

  1. Pots and flowers

Of course, you will never call it apartment balcony garden when you have no pots and flowers. Actually, it is not only limited to flowers. This balcony garden really shows that it is a real garden. It does not only have flowers, but there are also plants of fruit.

For the fruits, it is cute plant grown as bonsai. It is orange tree and this choice has great reason. Orange has nice fruit with good color, so it is applied. Moreover, it has green carpet for the flooring, so orange color can blend well with the floor.

Regarding the color, the pots do not only use a single plant in the pot. Each pot has at least two plants and these are flowers. There are also plants without flower but they have nice leaves. These give good color combination on the floor and it really makes the balcony look like real garden.

  1. Furniture

Of course, apartment balcony garden will never be nice without proper furniture. It is not a big balcony, so it has only limited furniture to install. The space gets wooden furniture and it looks great. It totally gives natural nuances. Moreover, the furniture keeps the natural texture and color of wood.

The tables and chairs can be folded easily. It gives flexibility for anyone on the balcony. When they want to enjoy the green floor, the chairs are folded and these give good space management. Surely, it is good concept of garden.

Those are some great things to find in this lovely balcony. It gives you the inspiration that turning your balcony into nice garden is possible to do. It does not need special efforts. Small details are actually enough to get the best apartment balcony garden.