Apartment Architectural Design for Small Area of Interior

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There are various interesting architectural designs to find lately. These designs are applied in houses, offices, and also apartment. Most of them have similar trend, in which they focus on optimizing the space. In case you are specifically interested in apartment, you can find good apartment architectural design that will give you insights on how space can be optimized to create comfort.

Apartment Architectural Design with Smart Storage Idea

There is good reference on how the small apartment can be designed, so the space will not become big problems to worry. The design looks effective, and it focuses on management of storage in order to get organized space and more open space for activities inside the room. The design involves smart storage idea. This can always be implemented and adopted in most of the small apartments.

exquisite apartment architecture building design » Apartment Architectural Design for Small Area of Interior

  1. Smart storage

Storage becomes the main issue in this apartment architectural design. Even, it becomes main issue. It is quite tricky to use the storage. It can make the room organization and management more efficient since stuff and goods are stored. However, adding furniture for storage will take the available space.

This apartment can get the solution. It optimizes the functions in the house. For example, the storage uses the wooden stairs. The stairs are not only to access the bed, but the room in the stairs is made into drawers.

Then, since the bedroom is designed uniquely close to the ceiling, there is space under the bed. This space is also used as the wardrobe. There are drawers with hanging rods that can be pulled. When it is not in use, maybe people do not predict that the wall can be pulled to access the hanging outfits.

  1. Unique bed

As what is mentioned above, the bed is decorated and designed in unique way. Usually, bed is on the floor. Although it has legs, these are not tall enough. However, the bed in this building shows effective apartment architectural design.

The bed is installed close to the ceiling. It leaves big space under the bed. These are made as if it is a wall, but it can be pulled for the storage. The bed itself is like a bird nest. There is no detail and it is only enough for sleeping. There are only two wall-mounted lighting to give illumination and cheek design in the bed area.

  1. Wooden interior

Then, the interior is dominated by wooden material and texture. Some of them are real woods, but there are also parts that only have wooden texture and color, but these are not fully made of wood.

The woods are also found in the stairs to the bed, bed area, and the wall surrounding the bed area. It also leaves the drawers with wood constructions. These give good tone and vibe for the interior and it is surely great reference of apartment architectural design.

The house looks comfortable and warm. The wood tone does not make the room feel dark since the ceiling is white and it gets good lighting. There are also parts of other walls decorated in white, so it gives sensation of spacious room.

Surely, this simple and small apartment shows great space management. Its interior design is supported by the smart storage units. These all become important parts that increase the values of this apartment architectural design.