Accent Wall Color Combinations for Your Apartment

charming accent wall colors 760x304 » Accent Wall Color Combinations for Your Apartment

Make your apartment look great with accent wall colors – When we talk about the accent wall, then we will talk about how to bring a focal point in a room that is able to attract attention with a unique look and different. To achieve that goal, then we can apply the accent wall color. There is a wide selection of colors that we can get in order to improve the look of a room. In addition, being creative is another thing that we have to have so that the display wall accent will not make anyone bored. Accent wall should be pleasing to the eye and we can make it happen by implementing a variety of color options including combining one with other colors to give the impression of a more charming. We could say this is one of the easiest and quickest ways that we can do to update the look of the interior, changing the feel of a room, and give a fresh impression.

charming accent wall colors » Accent Wall Color Combinations for Your Apartment

(1) Red – this is one bold color that is suitable for use as an accent wall. We can combine red color with other colors like black to create a dramatic look, or combine it with a neutral color or creamy color to get a charming look. There are many other variations that we can get by using a red color, depending on the look and feel we want. We can pair red and orange to get the look bright and warm.

(2) Blue – this is one of the colors that are well suited as an accent wall because there were charming elegant impression we are going to get. Combine with other colors such as blue gray to give the look more charming in the room. We can also pair the blue with yellow to get the look of an attractive Mediterranean.

(3) Orange – this is one of the colors that will make the accent wall look more warm and bright. We can incorporate the color orange with terracotta, yellow, or brown that will make a room look more sweet and pleasant.

(4) Turquoise – we can make a pale turquoise color as an accent wall color that will give us a fairly nice beach look. Light color will bring a feeling of space in the room and this is one type of color that is compatible to the room that receives plenty of light.